Many Hats

Brian canoeing in Northern Ontario

Brian canoeing in Northern Ontario

Brian Moran is a Lakewood, Ohio native and still lives in the city. He graduated from Lakewood High School in 1985, and Ohio State in 1991 with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Botany. He’s had myriad occupations over the years – from professional gardener to cheese maker.

Art as Assembly

Brian considers himself an assembler of art more than an “artist.” He attributes this to his time as a garden designer where he was challenged to design spaces with not only composition of shapes and heights, but also with color and texture.

Working primarily with wood, Brian makes almost all of the frames on his pieces and often includes the frame as part of the work. He also works with stain, acrylic, paper, metal and glass.

His work ranges from purely abstract pieces to depictive scenes. Recurring themes in his art include birds, fish, flowers, and other elements of the natural world. Brian is also fond of incorporating marbles into his work.

While has been making art for over 30 years, the majority of the pieces in this exhibit were created in the past four years.