Earl O. James


Born in Jamaica, West Indies, and raised in Rochester, New York, Earl James earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1988 and a Master of Fine Arts from State University of New York at Alfred University in 1990. He was employed as a Studio Assistant at The Cleveland Institute of Art and has instructed a number of glass workshops at Penland School of Craft.

He has worked in his Cleveland, Ohio studio since 1990. From furnaces producing molten glass he designs and makes both functional and nonfunctional blown glass objects. Mixed media sculptural works were a part of his artistic education and a continuing pursuit.

Earl O James Art Studio
Earl O. James Artist in studio

His Sculptures utilize materials and processes such as: fabricating metal through welding, machining, and forging, shaping of wood by hand or machine, using the casting process, carving waxes, creating molds, pouring of hot metal, casting of glass, or the cold forming of cement.

His sculptures are at times born out of reoccurring thoughts, joyous or worrisome occurrences, a question, a curious object, a glimpse of a compelling sight. These are the sparks that begin the journey toward making an idea tangible. Ultimately, these Sculptural works are meant to evoke a response, inspire a thought, or search for commonality with the viewer.